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Website AdvertisingGet your website noticed in the competitive world of online marketing. 

Getting traffic to your website involves several different activities, which, when done in concert, returns the maximum results for your marketing dollar. 

  • Search Engine Listings

Your site must be listed in the search engines. If you have not generated an XML sitemap and submitted it to the search engines, then you are missing perhaps the greatest opportunity to get free traffic from the search engines. This process will ensure that all of the major search engines begin "crawling" your site, harvesting all of the rich keyword content that we created when Activating your website. Once your site has been crawled by the search engines they will begin adding your site to to their indices and you will begin to show up in the search results. This is the greatest way to get free traffic on the web.

  • Search Engine Marketing

All of GYST Media AMP™ Development customers receive free search engine marketing on Google AdWords. GYST Media will design a custom advertising campaign for your business, based largely on the keywords that we used to Activate your website. The campaign will be monitored and refreshed monthly, ensuring that in addition to "natural" search engine listings, your business will appear in the "paid" listings. This is an important facet of GYST Media's Marketing process because it provides substantial improvement to performance of the "natural" listings. 

  • Directories

GYST Media will identify all free directories that are a good fit for your business and reach out to them to get your site included. This "link-building" process is key to getting more traffic to your site. Even if an individual link does not drive any traffic to your site, it will be noticed by search engines and contribute to your search engine score, which means more traffic from search engines. 

  • Local Businesses

This is the most important step of the Marketing process. GYST will work with our clients to identify partners, or other local businesses that may be amenable to placing links to the client's website. These must be targeted efforts, designed to get related and relevant links to the client's website. Quantity is not nearly as important as quality. If done properly, this will cause a major bump in the website's search engine score and will be the most important driver of traffic to the website.


GYST Media's AMP™ Development process ensures that once your site is Activated, and Marketed you will begin receiving traffic for your business.

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