Bay View Bistro

The owners of the Pier Point Inn in Florence Oregon were planning to open a new restaurant inside their hotel. The  Bayview Bistro was to be a new restuarant that featured the enticing combination of comfort foods created with local organic ingredients. The new website needed to reflect this aesthetic.

The new website took its design cues from the interior of the restaurant and focused on photos of beautifully prepared food combined with key words sprinkled throughout the site to remind visitors of the key advantages of the restarant.


  • Custom Logo - Working with our design team we created a logo the perfectly represented the identity of the new restaurant.
  • Frontpage Slideshow - The front page of the website shows pictures of mouthwatering meals, overlaid with descriptions.
  • Menu - The menu page is beautifully laid out with pictures and descriptions of items on the menu.
  • Integrated Map - On the contact page we created a stylish Google Maps integration to help customers find the restaurant.
  • Testimonials - A beautifully styled testomials page is ready for customer reviews.
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