• Bay Area Ridge Trail

    The Bay Area Ridge Trail is a non-profit organization tasked with completing a series of trails connecting all of the San Francisco Bay Area as well as promoting the use of those trails. The website has several features that help to meet those goals, including a series on online maps, online giving, special events, news, staff, and much more.

  • Camp Spotr

    Camp Spotr is website that allows users to find, rate and share information about the best campgrounds in California. The website has thousands of campgrounds listed, incorporates a beautiful design and boasts some very cool features that make it a real standout.

  • Marin School of Environmental Leadership

     Building a website for a high school provides a unique set of challenges. The trick here was to provide a site with a rich set of features, including a beautiful news story module with pictures, and to make it very readable and easy to update. 

  • Mary Silveira Elementary

     Mary E. Silveira Elementary School in Marinwood, CA had been struggling with a website built in Dreamweaver and had started to show its age. The new website needed bo be database driven to allow for dynamic content and easy updates. It also had to satisfy a constituency fo local parents who used the website despite all of its flaws.

  • San Francisco Music Festival

    The San Francisco International Music Festival came to GYST Media with an older Joomla site in need of upgrading. The new site was simply to recreate the features of the old one, while bringing the site up-to-date with the newest Joomla platform. In the process we completely redesigned the site to give it an updated look.

  • Strategic Energy Innovations

     Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) is a San Rafael based non-profit company whose mission is to help communities embrace sustainability. This challenging project required a lot of out-of-the box thinking to create a website that was uniquely suited to SEI.

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